About Me

If you came to this page I'm assuming it's b/c you want to know a little about "ME".  So here it is

I'm a little teapot, short and........wait, that's not it :)

For starters I'm kinda tall - 5'9 1/4" flatfooted, and yes that 1/4 of an inch counts!!!
I grew up in the country on 20 acres, closest town was 12 miles down the highway and had a population of 298.  From 2 1/2 years old I was in a deer stand with my daddy and out doing beauty pageants with my mom.  One of these days I'll post of picture of me posing w/ a deer my dad killed in my pageant dress.  So from and early age I've lived somewhere along the line of "Tomboy Princess".  Yes, it can happen.  I can hunt, fish, and fire a pistol w/ deadly accuracy all while maintaining my femininity.

I went to Texas A&M and am part of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2002.  Whoop!  Animal Science major and then went into Banking.  Makes lots of sense, huh?  And from 2002 to mid 2001 I have lived in Tomball (suburb of Houston), own a BIG persian cat, bought a small patio home, and worked for Wells Fargo in the area of Financial Crimes.  I've been a magician assistant for Arsene Dupin for about 3-4 years now, and LOVE karaoke.  Black Velvet is my new "go to" song.  And I model for fun too.

In February of 2011 I met my husband, it was a whirlwind romance type of a thing and we were married in Cabo on 9-10-11.  See?  He has no excuse to forget our anniversary.  We bought our boat a few months after meeting and moved aboard immediately.  He told me he had been cruising a year already and wanted that to be our future and I was ALL OVER IT. 

I've always loved the water.  Been in a pool or a lake every weekend I have had a chance since I could walk.  The cruising lifestyle, getting away from the big city sounded like a dream.  You may say cruising is not all sunshine and kittens, but I can guarantee it's better than sitting thru 2.5 hrs of commuting traffic a day. 

So this blog will be my journey through us preparing to cruise and then us out on the seas.  I hope you enjoy!


  1. You're my hero, Amanda/Bunny! Live, Laugh, Love, and cruise! Cheers! Andrea

  2. I think you just named my 4 most important wants in life...Well actually 5 b/c we're seriously counting "Cheers" and the drinks that go along with it as one of them :)