She's a 37' Irwin CC and this was the first time we got to take her out.  Not any wind but we put all the sails up just cause we could!  She's a cutter ketch rig and weighs in at 32,000 lbs.  She has officially spoiled me to the center cockpit layout too.

Aft Cabin
Being a center cockpit means that we have a full aft cabin and head.  The cabin has a full size bed - a 8" thick memory foam mattress that we got for Christmas last year from my parents.  My favorite part of the cabin is a picture frame with a saying in it that we've come to treasure - "When I say I'm coming home, it means I'm coming to where you are."  A 7 ft settee runs along the port side with storage above and at the end in the form of a hanging locker.  The Princess's hanging locker

Nav Station
This is the hubby's domain, but under it lies my deep freeze.  My sweet deep freeze that holds all my meat so that I can keep us eating healthy on the boat.

Opposite the Nav Station, and with a brand speaking new Force 10 stove/oven.  Before this oven was the boat's original brown stove that I constantly lived in fear of.  Despite the fact that I had to crawl into it to get the stove to light, it never stayed lit.

A settee on each side and a table that folds down and opens makes up the Salon.  When you lift up the floors you have access to our water & fuel tanks and our bilge.  There is just enough room above the tanks and below the floors that we are planning to install a wine cellar.  I can't guarantee how much wine will be down here, but a know that a lot of Zaya, Ivanabitch, and Zing Zang mix will be down there in mass quantities.

Our forward cabin and head is quite roomy.  The berth is longer and wider than a king, but in the lovely shape of a V (for those non-boaters out there).  The hubby's hanging locker is up here and this is the head we use for showers when we're not showering on the deck with my solar shower.


  1. Nice! The very first sailboat that we looked at purchasing was an Irwin 37! We traveled to Kemah, TX to view it and made an offer, but it turned out the guy didn't have clear title ... sigh! Enjoy!

    1. I need to get all the specs and stuff up on the page. We love her!