Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Introducing the Most Affordable Watermaker in the WORLD

And it's made by our new company!!!  (insert Happy Watermaker Dance here)


I've been a little blog quiet lately, and that's because the hubby and I have been "heads down" the past couple of weeks getting this new company online (and yes, I did create a Happy Watermaker Dance that hopefully will be catching on at dance clubs across the world very soon).

It's probably no surprise to anyone, but one of my big wants with a side of pretty pretty please and a cherry on top, has been a Watermaker.  I begged and pleaded until the hubby figured out a way to get me one.  After that it was like a snowball rolling downhill as we talked to more and more cruisers who wanted Watermakers too, but they just couldn't justify spending the money that the other brands on the market were costing.  And even if they could get together the money to buy one, they would never be able to afford replacement parts.  So, with building this company, it became our goal to build a product with the same high quality that has become expected of the other brands on the market, but without the high profit margin built in.

Oh, and the naysayers chimed in with their "It's too good to be true".   But to be honest, it shouldn't be.  We've created a system with high quality components, easy to install, and finally solves the problem that smaller boats have had in the past with trying to find a place to put a Watermaker with an output high enough for the serious cruiser .  Oh yes, our smallest producer is a minimum of 15 gallons per hour, with our "Big Boy" pumping out a minimum of 60 gallons per hour.  All the while being able to run off one of the little bitty Honda Generators.

But the hubby couldn't stop there.....  He had to ensure that there was no possibility of any of those tiny microorganisms ruining the Princess's otherwise heaven on earth.  So he did his research and found a sterilization system to add after the water has exited the Watermaker.

Then it was the Princess's turn to put up a bit of a fuss over the distinct "distilled" water taste coming out of the sinks.  So the hubby went in search of a system to rejuvenate the water back to the taste you would expect of your "spring" bottled water.  We are the only Watermaker company to have both of these add-on systems available for our Watermakers!

Oh and I almost forgot!  We also have a fully functional Facebook page.  So come "like" us and watch for pics we post as we have a booth at our first boat show!


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