Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah!

Today’s post has been brought to you by my favorite drink and slightly embarrassing fact about my childhood. 

The other night I was introduced to possibly the most genius idea since the invention of the iPhone.  A Bloody Mary…..(wait for it)….garnished with a Slim Jim.  This bar had taken the Sunday Bruncher’s excuse to drink alcohol before noon and made it EVEN BETTER!  Let me break it down for you – how to make this amazing drink.

Start with an empty glass and “salt” half the rim.  But instead of using salt, use a Cajun seasoning called Slap Ya Mama.  Then fill with Ice and pour in about 2 fingers of your favorite vodka.  I like Ivanabitch in my Bloody Mary, and just this weekend learned that the bottle also fits in my wine bottle Woozie.  Pour in about 1 finger of Lime Juice, a splash of Olive Juice, and fill up the rest of the glass (about an inch and a half below the rim) with Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix.

Now it’s time to garnish.  Take a Slim Jim and cut it in half so that you have 2 shorter beef jerky sticks, place one in the glass like a straw.  Take a piece of celery and do the same thing with it.  Stick a toothpick/plastic sword thru 2 large green olives and drop on top along with 1 pickled okra.  Then sprinkle about 4-5 “hot” green beans on the top and you have the ULTIMATE Bloody Mary. 

So at this point you have my awesome drink recipe and you’re probably waiting for me to fess up about the slightly embarrassing fact about my childhood and where this blog’s title came from. 

When I was about 7 I learned that cartoons were not real and had to find human versions of my childhood crushes.  Robin Hood the Disney character was a bit difficult, but my other crush was He-Man.  So when you’re 7, who looks like He-Man?  Hulk Hogan, that’s who.  So at 7 I started watching wrestling every chance I got.  I grew up around arm wrestlers, body builders, power lifters.  So these guys didn’t look that odd to me.  And I watched Soap Operas (go Days of Our Lives) with my mom, so the WWF and WCW were a pretty natural fit. 

Another one of my favorite wrestlers was the Macho Man Randy Savage - also known to younger generations as the “snap into a Slim Jim” guy.  So, I have to admit, that I’m taking slight pleasure every time I have a Bloody Mary in the cockpit, slipping in an “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yeeeeeeaaaaaaah J


  1. Your Bloody Marys are killer. It makes me miss you guys just thinking about them!

    1. Bloody Marys...watching the guys catch stuff on fire on the grill lol Good times!

  2. Ohhh, that sounds good...gonna have to make one, or several!

  3. Let me know what u think after one...or several :)