Sunday, October 14, 2012

A New Way of Doing Business

The hubby and I aren't very political.  But one thing we've always felt comfortable being vocal about, was that we wish one candidate would come out and set the bar by stating that he would not say anything negative about his opponent or what his opponent has done.  Instead he would focus on the positive things he's done and will do.  We like to think this would create a new standard.

And maybe it wouldn't and this is just some lofty pipe dream of ours.  But it is the way we've decided to do business, and we're pretty excited that we've seen it in other companies as well.  We've decided that we won't put down or talk bad about any other Watermaker company.  What they say about us, is their own business.  But we're choosing to take the stance that each company has something special to offer.  And we will sell our units by focusing on what we have to offer and NOT by telling you what the other companies don't offer.

We had the pleasure of meeting Rich from Cuise RO at the Annapolis Boat Show and everything we'd heard about him so far was true.  He's a great guy with great products to offer.  We had a customer contact us this week and say that Rich had great things to say about us too, and that spoke volumes to him about both of our companies.  Maybe next time we can actually share a drink with him instead of just dropping off a Bloody Mary and running to pack up and hit the road.


  1. First off, i found your blog after you posted the link on CF so thanks for that. I love it and I've sent the link for my wife to read it. You guys remind me very much of the Slapdash blog, informative an funny at the same time.. Keep it up...
    Secondly I love the look of the watermaker an appreciate your business ethic. I will be looking at yours when it's time to by.

    We are making the trip to the Sail Miami boat show in Feb and hope to see you guys there.

    Last thing, lol, please take some pics of the interior of the Irwin as it is on the top of our list if we go for a used boat...


  2. I unfortunately have been a little "blog lazy" lately, so I just saw this. One of them being an electrical fire on the boat (blog post coming up), so I'll see what pics I can find for you of JusCrewZen before the fire. We will be at Miami and look forward to seeing you too!