Monday, November 26, 2012

Boat Crafts

My whole life I've enjoyed doing crafts, I've enjoyed decorating, making things pretty.....  And luckily I've actually gotten much better in the past few years than I was when I was in my teens and 20's.  I don't credit this to anything I've done except for taking some "Paint and Sip" classes.  Amazing how much better you paint after a few glasses of wine, and the promise of a sushi bar next door so you can gorge yourself after class until the wine wears off.

Although sometimes horrible accidents take place.....

I took a floral design class in college and even made my own wedding bouquet.

Most recently the hubby and I went on a date night to a glass fusion class.  He only has one good arm right now, so obviously his piece was limited.  (Heehee, I've been asking him if he'd like to go bowling or play pool.)  We get to pick up our finished projects on the 20th, so more pics are coming.

But I think I have some delusional expectations about the amount of craft time that I will have available once I can start cruising full time.  In my brain I picture myself painting on a beach, or from the aft deck.  That I'll have time to arrange flowers and sew all sorts of port coverings for the boat.  But then I have the sneaking suspicion that I won't have much more time for crafts than I do now.  And I'm fairly sure my hubby will tell me we don't have room for craft stuff, but I think I'll keep my delusion around for a bit longer.

What type of crafty stuff do my cruiser friends actually find themselves having time to do?

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