Friday, February 22, 2013

Playing Cinderella Again

In addition to wiping soot and mildew off every single surface on the inside of the boat, I also got to do my FAVORITE task today.  Scrubbing floors….on my hands and knees.  

You see, when they pumped the water into the boat to put out the fire, about 4 inches of it remained standing in our aft cabin.  So after throwing away the carpet in the cabin, I needed to scrub the floors.  And "somehow" our deck brush went missing and I was relegated to using a hand held scrubber.  (I'm still convinced that my hubby had something to do with this…)

Its times like these when I am soooooo happy that the hubby doesn't have the "Cinderellee" song that the little mice sing.  Because I'm almost certain that if he did, he would have been singing it gleefully as I scrubbed.  

We have owned Jus'CrewZen for two years, and I have now scrubbed the floors in the aft cabin twice.  That means that on average I end up scrubbing floors once a year.  I'm not quite sure how I feel about this.  Scrubbing floors isn't as gross as, let's say "head duty", but it isn't exactly the glamorous life of a Princess if you know what I mean.  

These are the days when I pull on the rubber gloves and long for my tiara that sits just out of reach  **sigh** 



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    1. Blogs coming up over the next week. I realized I posted the last in the series first. (One really long blog got cut into 5 catch up blogs)

  2. I just happened to find your blog while looking for someone else's. I can't wait to share it with MY "Cinderalla".

    Not sure if you've had to do this one yet or not, but my "Cinderella" hoisted me up the mast this past weekend. Not once, not twice, but three times. What you girls won't do for good TV reception.

    I must brag on your hubby. He did an excellent job of hiding his pain at Annapolis last fall. I'm not doing as good a job at hiding the pain from the rib I cracked two weekends ago leaning over the pulpit.

    Sorry to hear about the fire. Life just seems to stack up on us sometimes. As our marina manager told me this week, "You guys need to get out of here before something else happens".

    Daniel & Carla
    s/v C-Time