Thursday, August 2, 2012

Being Stalked by a Barracuda

Oh my gosh!  I am officially a Barracuda magnet.  We went snorkeling two different places today and both times I was stalked by Barracuda.  Sometimes two at a time.  They would start out kinda far away and each time I turned around they had gotten closer.  And of course when I turned around they would play the “you don’t see me” game. 

Of course I see you!  You’re a freakin’ Barracuda!  It’s a big ocean; get out of my personal space!  But did any of them listen to me?  No…..instead they followed me around for several hours.  The smaller ones I would sometimes swim towards and at least make them move back a good 10 feet, but the 4-6 footers I wasn’t so brave with. 

They love me so much that we even had one camp out under our boat the entire time we were there. 

The hubby kept telling me they’re just curious like annoying cats.  That’s great, but I love cats.  Barracuda…..not so much.

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