Friday, August 24, 2012

He Gets Me Wet On Purpose

AKA Dinghy Butt

We’re at dinner with our friends Scott and Natalie the other night giving them our top 5 tips for cruising.  Now while the hubby has important tips like – know your dinghy engine inside and out, be able to take apart and rebuild said dinghy engine at night (blindfolded with both hands tied behind your back).  My tips were more along the lines of – baby powder is your friend, and consider having a special “dinghy riding outfit” if you’re going somewhere nice.

I have come to the conclusion that my hubby gets great joy out of soaking my bottom every time we go on a dinghy ride.  His may get wet every now and then, but every single time I have a wet soggy bottom.  I swear he does this on purpose.  I do understand that a wet soggy bottom is a potential hazard for a good number of dinghy rides….but every single one? 

Many of you couples may position yourselves while riding in the dinghy much like we do; my hubby sits further back by the engine and steers, while I sit on the opposite side in front of the halfway point.  Yes, I realize I could use my feminine power and steer the dinghy myself.  But if I’m honest I like to enjoy the ride and let the hubby do the work.  Yes ladies and gentleman, there are reasons he calls me Princess.

Normally the drenching occurs when we have to cross the wake that another boat so politely leaves in our path.  He maneuvers the dinghy so that “according to him” it’s best for the dinghy.  Which conveniently causes a big splash to come up over the side and thru the fabric protecting my bottom.  Coincidence?   I think not!

I have gotten to where I either wear sundresses, with swimsuit bottoms underneath, and take the ride with my sundress pulled up and tied around my ribcage or I wear one outfit in and change clothes in a bathroom.  This may sound like I’m being prissy or taking extreme measures, but a wet bottom means more than just an unsightly dark spot “down there”.  If you’re walking around in 90 degree plus heat, it means “Hello chafing, here I come” – hence the need for baby powder. 


  1. I get the same thing! I was wearing Vlad's raincoat that comes down to my knees. That was decent protection, but the best thing to do is carry extra clothes. There's nothing prissy about not wanting to walk around in wet, salty shorts for an entire day. That's a whole lot of unpleasant!

    1. I'm SO GLAD to hear someone else understands my pain!