Friday, August 3, 2012

Like a Fishin’ Bobber

We were snorkeling the Windjammer wreck off of Loggerhead Key when it occurred to me…..  I float like a fishing bobber. 

I’ve always been a tad more buoyant than my friends.  When I was young I could jump off the diving board and my head would never go under the water.  And today it was confirmed again.  I was swimming behind four other people today and I noticed how their bodies angled slightly downward, so that their legs were about six inches to a foot under the surface.  I then took notice of my own body and realized that from my head to below my butt; my body was on the surface. 

I tried to get my body to do what theirs were doing and after about five minutes of being unsuccessful and expending a heck of a lot of energy, I gave up.  I was also a little discouraged because I couldn’t swim down to get a closer look at the 600 lb grouper or the 2 large lobsters.  Every time I tried it was like my butt was a balloon and it was refusing to go below the surface. 

I guess I shouldn’t be too upset about this.  Especially since I’m learning to love snorkeling.  Being buoyant seems to come in handy when you need to mess with your mask or snorkel and you don’t have to tread water, instead you can just sit in the water and get your stuff done.  Or when you have a cramp and can stay afloat while being completely straight and vertical while you flex your foot. 
So fine, I can be like a fishing bobber. 

And for my random picture of the day "Tiniest Hermit Crab EVER!!!"  I squee'd, yep, not ashamed of it.


  1. It's the salt water. I got in a swimming pool yesterday and thought, "yeah, I can sink again!" Even Vlad floats in the salt water, and he usually sinks like a stone.

    Glad to see that you guys are having such fun!

  2. We are, and its crazy how many people we meet from TX.