Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Winds of Change - Pt 2

So the boat is "safe" with bilge pumped out and the hubby goes into surgery.  I have some very cute pictures of him before surgery in his sexy little hospital gown that I will refrain from posting……..for now.  They gave him 2 nerve blocks in his shoulder before surgery, b/c the first one didn't work.  And after surgery none of the painkillers or muscle relaxers were working either.

One nurse in the recovery room wasn't exactly the nicest and just wanted to get us out of there.  But the other was a godsend and if I every figure out her name she will receive a large bouquet of flowers.  The Dr, anesthesiologist, and head nurse had all come in and said there was nothing they could do.  But the other nurse had the bright idea to ask if she could try giving him phengrine through his IV.  AND IT WORKED!!!  It had him sleeping like a baby within 30 minutes, which FINALLY allowed his shoulder muscles the time to relax.

Phenegrine coupled with lots of juice over the next week provided him more relief than any of the others prescriptions.  With the hubby sleeping that meant that the Princess could finally catch up on some of her beauty sleep too.

The next couple months were filled with healing and more boat shows.  But unfortunately still no getting back down to Jus'CrewZen to survey the damage.  There was Thanksgiving and Christmas thrown in there for good measure too.

We decided that the room to rent was just too small if we were going to be spending any time in Charlotte together, and since DIY Watermakers is headquartered out of Charlotte we figured we would be spending more time there.  So we found ourselves a "cruiser" for the land, or as some people like to call them RVs.

We still own a house in TX, and with our "home" in Miami, it seemed silly to buy anything in Charlotte.  And I have a problem with wastefulness, so an apartment was totally out of the question.  Just like our boat, the RV almost jumped into our laps and was "perfect" for us.


  1. We will be in Charlotte for 6 weeks starting this weekend. If ya'll need any help we'll be right there. Good luck with the surgery. Our cell number has changed. We give you guys a call when we up there.

    1. We'd love to meet up with y'all while you're here. Shoot me an email at princess aboard@icloud.com and I'll make sure you have both mine and Raymond's phone #'s.