Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Winds of Change - Pt 3

Wait?  An RV?  You might be wondering with the RV and the business if we've completely abandoned our dream of cruising.  The answer is no, life just throws you some curveballs sometimes and you have to take it a step at a time.

I personally think the RV is perfect to always have on land for any sort of extended visit back to the states to see family.  And my mother has already hinted that if we get tired of it, or need to get rid of it that her and Dad really like the pictures of it.  I get this odd feeling she may be hoping we tire of it.

Living aboard pretty much makes transitioning into an RV a piece of cake.  You already know about limited storage space and have experience of taking advantage of every square inch possible.  I do feel a bit guilty though, it only took me a month and  a half to get all but 2 of the curtains in the RV replaced (Jus'CrewZen only had the window coverings in the salon replaced).

The RV park is a bit different from the marina though.  Bathrooms and Laundry facilities are the same, but (and maybe b/c it's winter) we haven't noticed as much of the socializing occurring in the park.  One think that I have always loved about "The Boat Life" is that everyone is always talking with each other, swinging by to offer others to come over for a sundowner, and planning pot lucks and get togethers.  We haven't found as much of that at the park, but hope to as it warms up.

DIY Watermakers is growing faster that we every thought possible.  It's truly been hard setting goals b/c every one we think about setting one the company leaps over it.  So we've started planning for a company model that will continue to allow us to grow and still keep cruising a reality.  It may take a little more effort and time getting it all set up, but it'll be worth it in the end.

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