Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Winds of Change

There's a quote out there right?  About "Life is what happens when you're making plans", or something to that effect.  I blogged about the plane crash, but haven't blogged about anything that has really occurred or changed since.  So how about I bring everyone up to speed.

Before the plane crash, the hubby was about to be on his way to Miami, FL to continue moving Jus'CrewZen up the east coast.  We had her on a mooring at Dinner Key while we started up DIY Watermakers and moved our land base from Houston, TX to Charlotte, NC.  Now it was time to get her somewhere around the Myrtle Beach area.  Or so, that was the plan.

Then the plane crash happened and left the hubby with a torn labrum.  Things could have been much worse, so we were thankful that was "big" injury.  But it meant that the hubby would be doing no sailing, motoring, or boat moving in general.  In fact, he was now stuck in Charlotte w/ me 7 days a week in the room I was renting in a young couple's house.  (The room was supposed to be a place to sleep while I worked my M-F, 9-5 job, and then I would head out on the weekends to the coast and my hubby.)

Then came the orthopedic appointments, MRI's, and all that jazz.  About a month to month and a half after the plane crash the hubby and his shoulder were scheduled for surgery.  We were counting down the days to surgery b/c the muscles from his neck, down into his shoulder had been in painful spasms for weeks.  Even the cortisone shot only relieved him for a small period of time, and allowed him to sleep for a night.  The Dr let us know that when a shoulder injury occurs that the surrounding muscles will try and compensate for the pain and in turn end up causing pain themselves.  Not a very pleasant Catch 22, but then are Catch 22s ever pleasant?

The DAY BEFORE his surgery, we received a call saying that Jus'CrewZen had a fire.  With no option of going down to Miami b/c of the muscle spasms and the surgery being scheduled, we felt pretty helpless for awhile.  It turns out the fire was in the engine room, and was put out before causing too much damage (more on that later).  Our biggest problem at this point was pumping out the hundreds upon hundreds of gallons of salt water that they had pumped down into her, to put out the fire.

After a couple of calls we were able to find a man to bring in a battery and a boost pump and empty our bilge.  I'll try and find his information to pass along, but if you every need honest work done in Miami he's the guy to call.


  1. So glad your husband is alive and well, though really sorry to hear about his shoulder. OUCH! I just recently was injured in the neck area and the pain is debilitating. At least he has a good wife to take care of him :).

    Sucks about the fire, geesh you can't catch a break. Here's a better March.

    1. Thanks! And I hope your neck gets better soon! I can't imagine how bad that must hurt.
      We're staying positive :) And hoping for an awesome 2013.

  2. Guys, we are so sorry to hear about Raymond's injury. We had no idea, and I had been wondering where you two were and what you were up to. I just figured the business had taken off and you were too busy to cruise it up.

    I'm glad to hear that Raymond is recovering, and we hope the boat heals up quickly as well.

  3. Thanks y'all! It has been crazy with lots of different stuff going on. But a lot of it is good stuff lol. Minus those whole pesky fires n crashes. Keep us in the loop on dates, we'd love to try n visit y'all this yr!