Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cutting the lines

It's finally the day (and yes we're still doing chores right up till castoff)!  It was great to see everyone come out to wish us well and have a mimosa as we cut the line on Jus'CrewZen.  And i only teared up a little (for the record).

If you're wondering where I was during all the picture taking festivities.....yep, down below mixing up mimosas.

Thanks Scott for taking the pictures!  

Goodbye Kemah!

On Jus'CrewZen's first official day cruising we went down for a night on the hook at TeaCup Anchorage in Galveston.  I drove the whole day, bc I thought it was nice to give the hubby a break since he would be the one taking her all the way down the ICW, with me only meeting him along the way for the next while.

Mike and Sherry followed us down (ok fine, they ended up beating us there bc they were in a trawler).  And it was a nice relaxing trip, slightly humored by chatting with one of our marina neighbors who seemed to be having a bit of trouble on the radio with the barges and whether he should be on channel 16 or 13.  I asked hubby why they were saying 13, and should we be on 13 instead of 16.  But he said that we were barely on the edge of the ship channel so we were good for now.

 We finally saw him off in the distance and got a chance to talk with him, tell him he missed a heck of a party, and exchange email addresses and such.  (Ok, I get it, you're probably not finding this that humorous quite yet.)  As we're finishing up on channel 68 we hear him say "Liberty back to 1-6......or 1-3, whatever makes the barge captains happy."  This made us crack up laughing for a whole five to ten minutes.

Down in Galveston we got to introduce Mike and Sherry to "Bullets".  They weren't as good as they normally are b/c they had only been marinading about 24 hours.  But they were decent.

Making Bullets (in case you are wondering) is a way that my family cooks deer meat.  Backstrap is best, but ham steak will work in a pinch.  You marinade it in italian dressing for about 5 days (the acidity in the dressing keeps the meat from going bad).  At the end of 5 days you wrap the deer meat in bacon and grill until the meat is a nice medium.  Don't overcook or you'll ruin the taste.  If you like jalepenos and onions you can put them in the middle to grill as well.

After dinner we settled into our own boats for the night, and on Jus'CrewZen it was SURPRISE......more chores until about midnight.  But after midnight it was one last night of snugglin' before Jus'CrewZen would set out on the ICW.

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