Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sparkly Casinos for the Princess

If you go to Biloxi, and you like sparkly things, choosing to go to the casinos is pretty much a given.  But the question remains - which one?

The answer is simple - all of them!  We had dinner at Hard Rock our first night.  We belong to their My Rock rewards program and our free dinner was about to expire.  So of course we had to go there.

And what type of cruisers would we be, if we didn't spend at least 2 evenings at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville.  

There were people on stilts to gawk at, free Bloody Mary's as I lost money on slot machines, and a pretty good dinner.  

I had the Havanas and Bananas to drink with dinner.

But the best part of the night was when a pretty blonde girl in a swimsuit slid down the volcano slide and landed in the gigantic margarita.  And then it was slightly impressive to watch her get out and climb on the hook to be swung out over the crowd and twirled around.  I tried to get close and take video, but the crowd was a bit gathered.  

But I won't lie, my favorite one, the lil piece of Vegas smacked down in the middle of Biloxi was Beau Rivage.  It even smells like a Vegas casino and I love Vegas casinos (all the fresh flowers).  We had the sushi for 2 at one of their restaurants and got to chat with the 2 couples sat on either side of us at the sushi bar.  And I finally learned to play video poker!

I realize that may not be a big deal to many of you folks.  But I go into a casino realizing that I will lose every penny that I spend.  I've managed to break even once, and win 60 once, but every other time I lose.  So I go into casinos with the intention of drinking as many free drinks as I can, and having a little fun while I spend some time at the slot machines.  Learning to play video slots gives me longer playing time, thus more drinks.  So it's like I "almost" come close to winning.

We visited a few others: Isle of Capri and the Grand Biloxi, but I they were not where I had most of my fun.

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