Monday, June 18, 2012

Tiny Hanging Locker vs My Big Wardrobe

I'm not too proud to admit that I (like most women) have a small obsession with clothing.  I may even go as far to admit that my house in Tomball had 3 closets, one for each respective bedroom, and all 3 closets were filled with my stuff.

One closet was filled entirely with costuming.  This is where all the skirts, bodices, corsets, chemises, stockings, garters, and hair pieces for performing with Arsene live.  It's also where I keep all of the clothing pieces that I specifically have for photo shoots, but would probably never wear in public.  So this closet, in regards to the boat, is pretty easy.  It'll all go into large plastic tubs and put into storage (only for use when I visit back home).

Copyright Greg Vaughn
The next area of clothing is my work clothing.  Now b/c I am still working, these clothes are still in use, but not on the boat at this time.  Most of the dress pants will never see the boat, although a large portion of my tops are multi-purpose.  When I do go cruising full time, this area of clothing will be gathered up and probably taken to somewhere like Plato's Closet for cash.  Although I may try a garage sale first, b/c I do have a very nice collection of pants from Express.

That leaves me with the last, and largest, area of clothing.  Looking at all my clothes hung up, there is no way, in the largest of imaginations that they would ever all hang up in my hanging locker.  Heck, who am I kidding.  They would never all hang up in both of the hanging lockers on board (if I was to shove all the hubby's clothes in the aft lazerette).

But for someone who loves clothes, the thought of selling all these beauties or (gasp) giving them away might make me cry.  So instead, I've come up with a way to keep the majority of my clothes and never get bored with my wardrobe again.

First let's get rid of a few things:
Panties - you're never going to wear them daily again, they will be replaced by swimsuit bottoms
Socks - you don't need them with your flip flops, and if you're currently wearing them with your flip flops.....we need to talk, until then you're banned to a different anchorage
(that was 2 large drawers in my house right there)

Second take anything you do not fit into (but plan on, b/c you've recently gained 30 lbs b/c you sit in your car and at a desk for 12 hrs a day) the Extra Large Spacesaver bag.  Seal it up with a piece of paper that says "Open under xxx lbs, and list the articles of clothing by type and number).  This goes at the very bottom of storage in the boat, ours goes under our berth.

Third, take everything you own, that currently fits, and categorize it by clothing type:
Skirts (long)
Skirts (short)
After 5 dresses
Cute tops
Warm tops

Fourth, take these clothing types and separate each clothing type into 4 piles.  For example: I own 3 pairs of Miss Me Jeans, along with 2 pairs of off brands from the Alloy catalog.  So I will be placing each of the Miss Me's in a different pile, and the 2 pairs of off brand jeans together in the last pile.

Fifth, take 3 of these piles and place them in 3 different Spacesaver bags.  Store these as you can on the boat.

Sixth, take the last pile and hang it up in your hanging locker.

Seventh, in 3 months exchange all the clothes in your hanging locker for all the clothes in one of your Spacesaver bags.

You now have 4 (or possibly 5) different wardrobes!  And they all fit on the boat!!!

PS  If you're like me, swimsuits are all kept hanging up in the heads and worn daily :)


  1. Ed and I enjoyed meeting you and Raymond in Pensacola Bay. It was fun to spend some time with young people who love the cruising life and are making it happen. Wishing you great adventures! Cathy at

    1. We enjoyed meeting y'all too! It was a lot of fun and hope to see you guys out there again.

  2. I went through the same thing!! Almost of of my clothes are in my in-law's attic in space saver bags. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I had tons of costumes. I ended up giving them all away to my girlfriends before we left Fla....very sad day! But at least my friends were happy. I am now down to two small lockers in the v berth and tons of canvas baskets. I have found that I have been happier with just the small amount of clothes that I bought aboard but still cannot resist a deal on dress or a bikini.

    s/v Discovery

  3. A deal on a dress or swimsuit, in my opinion, is a circumstance in which us women cannot b held accountable for our own actions ;)