Monday, July 2, 2012

Summertime, Family, and Weddings

Summertime is always wedding season, and this summer has been no different.  One of the blogs I follow has recently had a wedding - Congratulations to them!

My lil brother also got married.  Last year I told him if he got married before me that I would possibly throttle him.  And he would have gotten a near death sentence if he had proposed to his girlfriend at my wedding last September.  But he did neither, so he lived to get married this summer.

I think my favorite thing about weddings, besides the dancing and free drinks, is family.  It's no secret that I love mine.  And all of the wedding activities are always full of family members.  

Family members like my mother, who is perpetually late to everywhere she goes.  Even the couple's shower for my lil brother. 

And my nieces, who are adorable 

and can drag even the most stubborn of men out on the dance floor (like my father and oldest brother).

At the rehearsal dinner I got to sit by my grandma, aunt, and uncle (who just wrote a fabulous 12 Step Pigaholic Program for my father).

And I can't help but mentioning that my lil brother got seasick while he was parasailing :)  Notice the facial expression.


  1. Replies
    1. Where r u guys located again? When we're near there we shud drop by n bring some JusCrewZen Juice (our version of Rum Punch). We served it at our wedding.

    2. You got a deal. Right now we are in Titusville but if all goes well we will be in St. Augustine very soon.