Saturday, July 28, 2012

It’s the Way Scary Movies Start

Where we were anchored in Pensacola there was an underground fort.  So on one of our ventures off the boat we decided to go exploring. 

What was I thinking?!?!?!

Ok, so I knew what I was thinking.  I was thinking that it was an old fort set up with signs and stuff.  So I made the horrible mistake of assuming that there would be light down there.  And I was extremely wrong.  And I don’t mean a little dark because there’s a little ambient light coming in through the tunnels from the outside.  I mean pitch dark, like the dark you can only find underground with no access to light. 

And did we bring a flashlight?  Nope, the only think we had to use was the flashlight app on Raymond’s iPhone. 

Ladies and Gentlemen…..I do not suggest this.  Unless you like the fear of knowing that you can see NOTHING around you with every single scary movie you’ve ever seen going through your head.  I mean, it was really the perfect way to start a scary movie.  You’ve got the loud, cocky, arrogant male (played by my hubby) who has ventured off somewhere remote with the ditzy blonde (played by yours truly). 

Luckily we were not horribly murdered or violently brutalized (which you probably already guessed because I’ve been writing blogs since then…..or maybe this is really a copycat blogger and a real life horror movie serial killer!!!)  Or you know….probably not because I’ve seen and talked to several of you in person since Pensacola. 


  1. Ooh, an underground fort! I love it. Looks like you guys are having some fun in the sun.

  2. Lots of fun n lots of hot sunshiny sun lol