Sunday, July 8, 2012

Playing Chicken with a Crab

Our eyes locked as we walked across the deserted island.  Neither one of us willing to change our paths.  The showdown had begun...

Ok, well at least that's what it seemed like to me.  We had stopped in Pensacola and were walking the beach near Fort McRee for my first time .  I was having a wonderful time giving myself a natural sea sand pedicure and watching all the sand crabs scurry of our way.  

Then we were walking along and a BIG one didn't scurry when the rest did.

"Awwww, is he dead?" - Me
"I don't think he's dead?" - Hubby
"Well then what is he doing? - Me
"I think he's playing Chicken....Or either he thinks if he stays really still you won't see him." - Hubby
"Well I can do THAT" - Me

Right now we're 10 to 15 ft away.  At this point I got in my best "crab" stance.  Which consisted of me crouching down, knees wide open, fingertips touching the sand, and slowly crawling towards the crab.  God bless my hubby b/c he stood there the entire time just watching me (and only making fun of me on a couple of occasions).

I would like to say right now, that this crab deserved major props.  He was a brave lil guy.  I got to where my feet were about 2 ft from him and then I slowly reached out my hand to see how close he would let me.  (Yes, yes i realize they do have claws and can reach out quite a ways.  I didn't get close enough for him to "get me".  I'm not that stupid.)

I reached my hand out about 6 inches from him and just waited.  Then I slowly and ever so carefully started inching my feet and body the last foot and a half.  He let my entire body get a food away from him, with my hand staying 6 inches away before he finally decided to be the "Chicken".  But Bravo for his fine showing in the game.  He has certainly been my toughest competitor in the crab division.