Wednesday, April 11, 2012

5 Minute Fabulous

On the boat, I have learned the true need of "5 minute makeup".  I cannot tell you how many time I have been in the middle of cooking dinner and the hubby will ask if we have enough for 4 people.  Of course, I say, b/c I come from a family with a hoss of a father and 3 brothers.  My Mama could cook for an army and not break a sweat.  Now you think I would learn....but nope.  Inevitably I will ask how much time till (enter couple's name here) will be over and the response is always - 10 minutes. 
10 minutes?  Yes, 10 minutes and possibly even shorter than that.  BC in the world outside of a marina, friends are a drive away.  They have to lock up their homes, get in the car, and drive over.  But not in a marina.  Nope, they're a short walk away.  Oh joy!
Sooooooo panic breaks out.  Women, wives, girlfriends, and hostesses..... you KNOW what I'm talking about.  All while finishing up dinner you make a mad dash to pick up and put up the boat.  Which is always in a messy state.  Then you try to make yourself look slightly better than embarrassing, and put on a smile to greet the guests as you pour the first round of sundowners.  Ok, so some people may not do this.  But I'm from Texas and we call it being hospitable.  In the cruising community - do your guests actually care if your boat and you are a mess?  Of course not :)  But this is Texas and some things are just sacred.
So in emergency situations like the one above, I have the ultimate 5 minute makeup routine.  Note this is for a "clean face", b/c if you already have makeup on then you can just touch up and we all know how to do that. 
Wet a rag w/ hot water and rinse off face - this will get all the icky oil off your face, freshen you up, and get some blood flowing
Apply some Vit C brightening cream on those dark circles under your eyes - not a lot, just enough to moisten the area for what's next.  Merle Norman's is to die for
Apply concealor to your dark circles and any red spots you may have - blot, don't rub
Use a foundation brush to apply a loose mineral foundation - Bare Minerals is my personal favorite, but I've been using Mary Kay lately and it's pretty good too
With your blush brush apply blush to cheeks and eyelids - it's amazing the difference adding it to your eyelids makes
Mascara, Lip Gloss and you're done
You may have noticed that I did not mention eyeliner.  Well that's b/c I have permanent eyeliner and have started to believe it's a necessity for any female cruiser.  But you can hear the story of how my eyeballs got tattooed at a later date.

(Oh, and just so you can see that Princess Aboard does in fact own a tiara and a scepter.  Not on the boat, but at Joe's Crab Shack about to enjoy some seafood.  Notice the pretty drink too!) 

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