Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dinner in the cockpit

There's something about springtime and dinner in the cockpit.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately.  Not too hot, not too chilly.  The perfect time to join hands with that special someone and go dock walking. 
Last night we ran to the grocery store and picked up Tilapia, yellow squash, & asparagus.  The hubby prepared the fish with seasoning, some fresh garlic, and a twist of lemon.  All while I made foil packages of veggies, seasoning, and butter to put on the grill.  Oh I almost forgot to mention that we snacked on crab legs w/ some extra hot cocktail sauce.  This is a girl that would do almost anything for crab legs.  I do believe they are my favorite food of all time, followed closely by shrimp and scallops. 
It was all grilled up and accompanied by the boat music Pandora station.  Then it was up in the cockpit for dinner, relaxing, music, and conversation about boat projects.  Dinner in a house never felt like this.  Even dinner outside on a patio or by a pool doesn't quite have the same feel.  Dinner outside when you live in house always seems like a lot of work to enjoy 30 minutes to an hour.  Dinner in the cockpit or out on the aft deck is a simple as taking your plate up the companionway.  There's no big preparation, no sense of needing to hurry up so you can clean everything up and get back inside. 
The closest feeling to this type of peace on land I ever had, was vacationing up in Tennessee.  We would spend every evening sitting on the front porch with nothing to do.  Nothing besides watching the grass grow and enjoying the breeze bring along the smells of the outdoors. 

But I think I'll take every day out on the water vs. a week's vacation in TN once every 3 years!!!


  1. Inquiring minds want to know --- what's on your boat music station?

  2. Eric Stone & Jimmy Buffet with a touch of Kenny Chesney, Zach Brown Band, & Jack Johnson thrown in. And I'm fairly sure it plays every single version of Southern Cross every recorded.

  3. And a bit of Bob Marley every now and then.

  4. Similar to my 'beach mix'! I have Michael Franti in mine, as well.

  5. I still remember Red Lobster and all you can eat crab legs with you! I had never had them, you had to crack them open for me, we wore bibs AND we had these amazing crab and cheese omelets for breakfast the next morning made from the left overs! :o)

  6. That entire trip was crazy, extrememly fun, but crazy. Remember how there were 4 of us supposed to fit in that small 2 seater truck? So we made a pallet in the bed and sunned for the 3 hr drive to Dallas? I think I still have photos from the first night we met that group.