Sunday, April 22, 2012

Solar Panels are UP and I'm off to buy a 12V hairdryer

We are officially off grid!!! 

One thing that has earned me my spoiled Princess title would be my need for electricity.  I don't necessarily know how much will be necessary once we're out there, but I would rather have more that we need.....than less.  Especially if I'm expected to keep blogging, I need electricity to blog!

Over the past few months my hubby has been buying solar panels, aquiring a wind generator, and a few other neat gadgets that I've been super excited about.  Today they are finally installed and we are COOKIN!  Ok, so not cooking food, but we're creating awesome amounts of electricity :) 

This nifty lil guy tells us our voltage in the house bank, how many amps we're drawing, and (the best part) how many hours we have until our battery bank reaches 50%.  How cool is that?!?!?!?!

I'm a little giddy about this if you can't tell.  There's been an ongoing joke onboard about how I'm having to come up with a hairstyle that requires no electricity to fix :/  Well that's a little difficult once you consider the type of hair I have.  It's fine, barely any body, and isn't quite straight but not quite curly either.  Most days I "grrrrrrrrrr" at it very loudly and stick it up in a clip.  But there are occassions that I want to look a lil nice.  So I started looking for 12 V hair dryers so that on special days I could at least use a roll brush and fix my bangs.  He caved eventually and now that I have solar panels I can go out an buy one :)


  1. So I passed by a 1600 watt hairdryer today, and thanks to living on a boat I actually knew what that meant. Nice work on the solar panels! Miss you guys!

  2. Solar panels rock! Let me know where you find a 12 volt hair drier.

  3. Miss y'all too!

    I've seen them on Amazon, gonna check some truck stops first though.