Friday, April 13, 2012

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat......

 to hold all the Ibuprofen I'm going to need while out cruising.
Ohhhhhhhh you think I would learn.  You think I would learn enough to at least not do it on a work night.  But no, time and time again I do it. 
Last night we had some friends come over with a bottle of rum.  Then there were Bloody Marys, then red wine.  We did eat shrimp cocktail and then pizza, but I think the damage had been done by then.  And yes, pepperoni and black olive pizza is a perfect pairing with shrimp cocktail......when you're tipsy. 
I may have mentioned my plan to slip into something with black lace and pink satin trim.  And by "may" I mean I'm pretty certain I did, and a tad embarrassed by it.  Although I shouldn't be, and that's why I love cruising friends.

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