Saturday, April 28, 2012

I LUV my Saturdays

Woke up early this morning and motored over to Watergate Marina so the hubby could help some friends out.  I packed up the car and drove to a studio near Downtown Houston for a photoshoot with the talented Tommy Lyles.  There were 3 different concepts that he was wanting to shoot and shooting with him was a pleasure, as always.  I am eagerly waiting to see the edited shots.  Notice I said eager and not patiently!  lol

Then it was back to the marina for lunch and a little paddleboard practice.  I'm getting much better and don't fear falling off as much as I have in the past.  The wind was blowing today and I did find it a tad hard to paddle against the wind.  At one point the wind blew me into an empty slip.  While this in itself was not the most graceful move, I was VERY proud that I didn't fall off or freak out.  I protected my board (and myself) from the docks and stayed calm.  Paddleboarding is a lot harder than it looks!

After paddleboarding I used the excuse of the board already being in the water to lay out on it for about 20 minutes.  The hubby mentioned something about being lazy, but I just said it was hard work tanning.  We have a going away party tonight for some friends and today will finish out with another reason why I LUV my Saturdays.


  1. I'm loving this paddle board business! I want to see you in action though.

  2. Hello.
    I found your blog as a follower of friends on S/V It's Perfect. What a treat! We too are in Kemah after a couple of years of cruising. I no longer maintain the blog, but here it is if you find yourself lacking in reading material:

    Anyhoo, keep the faith and stay pretty on the boat. Some random thoughts. I am jealous of the permanent eye liner. I want to know if you can put another color on top of it if you want a change of pace for evenings. Bare Minerals is the best..lasts forever and keeps well on the boat. Also easy for visitors to bring replenishments down island. Waxing? Messy--have you considered an epilady? I love it and recommend the cordless model. I have been using it so long that the hair barely grows. Just a thought in your boat quest to remain smooth. Roaches. We were the only people we knew who never, never had any, and we attribute that to a militant stance on cardboard. We didn't even allow it in our dinghy. I did catch a mouse trying to board via a dock line, though. And finally, a word about hair conditioner if you are planning to venture south. Stock up on the good stuff, both leave-in and rinse. Hard to find quality products and I relied of visotrs to bring it to me.
    Can't wait to read more.

  3. Thanks! I definately love reading blogs so I'll be reading through yours! The last post and the poem already got me hooked.

    The eyeliner is very thin, so when I'm putting on a "real" face of makeup I'll put more on top of it. I own an epilady but I was unsure how much it would drain our battery banks to use while we were cruising. The specific brand of wax I use rolls on, so I've been lucky to not have any messes yet. Thanks for the suggestion about conditioner. I've always had fine hair and never though much about it, so it's a good heads up to have.