Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Saying Goodbye for the First Time

We had our 2nd going away party/cast off for friends in the month of April.  There's something very uplifting about watching someone's dreams become a reality in a culmination of events that lead to a grand climax. 

s/v It's Perfect was my first cast off to attend EVER...  And yes, before you ask, I got a little teary eyed.  So many of their friends & family were there to support them.  Their blog contains many more (and better pictures) but I managed to take a few.  There were mimosas and the ceremonial line cutting.  Rod had a special blade and line for the affair.  I wasn't the only teary eyed well wisher there, everywhere you looked there was an eye sparkling a little more than normal.  The first time we met Rod and Linda she showed us around down below.  I remember thinking  OMG I love this interior (I have a thing for rich wood tones and dark red).  She immediately says "Yeah, we know it kinda looks like a bordello, but we like it".  LOL



Dauphin and Jody's going away party was just this weekend.  No pictures, but there was some amazing food....and wine, and a special drink named after our friends on s/v Barefoot Babe called a "Barefoot Babe".  I made baked beans topped with bacon and was suprised when I had to inform my hubby that baked beans had ground meat in them.  he dared to suggest I just buy a couple cans of Bush's Baked Beans and top them with some bacon.  Pfffftttttttt   real baked beans consist of a can of Baked Beans, a can of Pork n Beans, mustard, brown sugar, maple syrup, a touch of ketchup, some various seasonings and topped with bacon.  They are normally mixed and then baked for 30-45 minutes but I had to make due and heat them on top of the stove while underway. 

Oh yeah, it was my first time cooking under way!!!  Ok, Ok....so we were only going from one marina to another.  But it still counts.  I said so ;)

The going away party was wonderful and I got to chat with Jody about the finer aspects of Paddleboarding (since she was the first person I ever saw on one).  And notice to all those out there - you cannot paddle into a good wind.  You can try, you can open up your can of man....but it's just not happening. 
I was a little upset our boat cards were not in yet.  There were so many new friends to meet, and we all know in the cruising community you make friends fast.  FYI when ordering from VistaPrint use your credit/debit card vs paying through Paypal.  They have not signed up for Paypals automatic transfer yet, so they wait for Paypal to send them an actual paper check before starting your order.  I'm very sad about this, but it's really no one's fault but my own, so I won't pout (much) about it.

I promised Attila on Bettie del Mar a few pictures of me on the Paddleboard, but they are going to have to wait until tomorrow.  Sorry!!!


  1. Thanks for the cool pic's and write up. Hope to see you again down island.