Monday, May 14, 2012

Contrary to Popular Opinion

Cats do not like baths. I know, I have probably crushed a few people's idea about what is true and right in the world. You may be experiencing a moment like you did when you found out Santa Claus wasn't real. did know that, didn't you?

Bella was in dire need of a bath this weekend. She had been unfortunate enough to land herself in the vet's office with 15 bladder stones (1 that was 1/2 a centimeter wide). Poor thing has already been through a PU and unfortunately they were too large to remove via catheter. So they had to open up her bladder through her abdominal wall. This was several weeks ago and she finally reached the point where I could clean up all of the ick that had collected on her long Persian fur during her vet stay.  

Now I'm pretty lucky, I've worked very hard during Bella's life to make her as desensitive as possible to unpleasant tasks like baths. So it is easier than bathing most cats, but she looked very unhappy during the whole ordeal. In fact she looks extra unhappy because she got a haircut about an hour before this.  But don't worry, we snuggled a few hours afterwards and she was a happy kitty before too long. 

Also, sorry for being absent this past week but I've been waiting on my new PINK computer to arrive.  I picked her up this afternoon (still haven't named her yet), and this is my first blog on her.

Heehee, then I felt the need to start grouping my Princess accessories together.  The boat is getting pretty PINK pretty fast :)


  1. Aww what an adorable little cat! I love the bath photos :) So sweet!!

    Cathy Trails