Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Might Hate Cleaning...but I LOVE Parties

Saturday morning starts off not much better than Friday morning in the sick department.  But there are things to be done.  We have the hubby's going away/birthday party and the boat is a T-total-wreck!  The morning starts off with both of us working on the inside of the boat.  I have the aft cabin, aft head, salon, and galley.  While hubby takes the V-birth and forward head.  Trust me, I got the good end of this bargain.  See, sometimes the hubby turns the forward head into his "Monica closet", but for the past month the entire V-birth has been his "Monica closet".  And we have a BIG V-birth.

Hubby also had 2 other people's boats to work on, so he headed out about noon.  I busted my rear end until about 2pm and then it was off to the Liquor, Dollar, and Grocery Store.  Those are 3 separate stores, not one really ultra cool store.

After shopping it was back to the boat to finish up and attempt a shower before people started arriving for the party.  I don't know if I could have gotten everything done if it hadn't been for the help of our neighbor Sherry.  She helped me shop, clean, and put out the food!  Mike helped out too.

The party was a huge success.  There were tons of good food, good drink, good times, good friends, good music, and just general goodness all around. A couple of the guys broke out the guitars and played for awhile.  Somehow I only managed 2 drinks the entire night......  Must have been because I was pushing thru the sickness.  Even my 2 best friends from college stopped by to see the boat, say happy birthday, and wish us well.  Their son only stuck one thing in his mouth he wasn't supposed to.  I was pretty impressed.....and intrigued to notice that old rotten wood will cause a child to foam at the mouth.


Another great part of the evening was when Ted gave hubby his going away gift.

I did make the yummiest drinks though!  I found some chocolate martini mix in the store, mixed it with whipped cream vodka, and topped it with alcohol infused caramel whipped cream.  Unfortunately I didn't get to have one, but the people that did RAVED about them.

Since it wasn't the hubby's bday until Sunday, I made him wait until past midnight to open his present.  He was very happy with his new Kindle Fire and matching leather case.  I knew he would be.


  1. It's so good to see all those familiar faces. Please give everyone our love, and tell Raymond not to let go of that duck!

    1. I think the duck will be a permanent fixture around his waist :P

  2. Tell me, is there somewhere to post the pictures of the party & send off for your use?

    1. You can post them on facebook and tag us (Amanda Bunny Fosdick), or you can email them to me
      Thank you so much for coming and taking those pics!

  3. What a wonderful time. Love the duckie!!

    Cathy Trails