Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paddleboard Princess

Paddleboarding is a lot harder than I expected.  Although I'm not quite sure what I expected.  I have a inflatable paddleboard and it's much sturdier than I expected, harder to tip over than I expected, but harder to maintain my balance than expected.  I realize that makes no sense, but it's just how it is.

The first night I tried I think I stayed up about 15 seconds before almost falling in and resorting to paddleing around on my knees the rest of the night. 

**this is my hubby being "funny" by  catching me as I almost fell

I realized fairly quickly that I didn't understand exactly how paddleing worked and that trying to figure that out while figuring out my balance was a tad too much for the first night.  The next time we took her out was out in Clear Lake.  It doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but the BEAST was running around and kicking up quite the stir.  We figured the best way for me to practice was to tether me onto the back of the boat (we were anchored in case you were worried **whew**)  and let me try to just stand.  I was doing really good.  Ok, so I looked like complete and total CRUD but I did a really good job.  I only fell in once when I tried to paddle towards the boat and my hubby shouting words of encouragement Yeah right, the shouts were more like "honey look out for the shark". 

**me not looking so great yet, and I'm standing on it backwards b/c of it being tethered to the boat.

I didn't realize how much this helped until the next time I attempted the board back in our marina.  I did the chicken on my knees thing first, but slowly worked up to my feet (after a glass of wine no less) and didn't fall off.  This weekend I went boarding on two different days and never fell off.  I'm still figuring out how to work the paddle, and what to do when the wind is pushing me in directions I do not want to go.  But I really am enjoying it.  In the marina my hubby's shouts of encouragement are slightly varied "honey look out for the aligators".  Darn him, he knows I've personally seen the aligators in the marinas around here.

It's quite the workout.  When I'm standing out I really notice it in my calves, but when I'm on my knees my thighs and butt get soooooo sore.

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