Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One After Another

Chores and boat projects that is.  With the departure day getting closer things were beyond crazy this weekend.  Making things even a tad more challenging was that the hubby had been sick since the last weekend and Friday morning I woke up sick.  We're considering buying stock in Sudafed, Vitamin C, and Benadryl.

My lovely work was nice enough to give us an early start (1/2 day) to the Memorial Day weekend.  So it was off work and to the house in Tomball to finish grabbing my cruising clothes and Kirby Vacuum.  Then driving the hour and 1/2 south to Kemah, where my handsome hubby was meeting me with a truck bed full from storage.  I was very proud of my hubby, aka "The Packrat", who threw away 2 dock carts piled high of stuff.  There were a few moments of "Honey, you know that isn't going to fit on the boat."  But overall it was a successful dumpster filling afternoon/evening, and we did let him keep a few sentimental items (that will be packed away in storage).

We had originally planned to have a little night out on the town with steaks and dancing.  But decided we would rather have dinner with our friends on Barefoot Babe, Captain Jim and Elaine.  I don't think that chili cheese dogs have ever been better!  And of course we had a few Barefoot Babes to go along with dinner (Jim and Elaine's signature boat drink).


  1. Skip told us you cut the lines yesterday. Please let us know where you are and whats going on with you guys. Are you going outside or ICW?

  2. ICW for now. Jim told us there were 2 fronts coming through, so Raymond decided that would be best. We should be anchoring in Houma on Thursday night and be in Pensacola at least thru June 11th. I have a lot of traveling to do for work, so i'm meeting him whenever I can and he has a guy from the marina traveling with him right now. We'll keep y'all posted.

  3. Ooh, how exciting! Congratulations! But here is the important question - when are y'all coming down our way?

  4. Hahaha, that'll be at least a year or so. We'll do Keys later in June and Miami/Bahamas in July. This next year will be east coast. I want to do summer 2013 in Maine. So it'll be a while before we make it back down. We might could be persuaded to visit y'all though ;)