Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Counter Tops Too

This weekend while I finished up the upholstery, the hubby replaced the counter tops on the boat. New counters are quite a large job; ripping off the old counters, taking out the sink (for me to remove the caulking off the bottom of), cutting the material to fit, applying the adhesive, applying new tops, and trimming them to fit.  You can imagine how long this took.  But two days later and the old outdated tops were gone and replaced with a pattern we picked out from home depot back around January.

**Galley after ripping up old stuff

**Engine cover with old top

**Engine cover with top ripped off

**Galley after laying down original sheet

**Galley after putting sink back in

** Top to refrigeration

**Engine cover redone


  1. The new counter tops look great! I really would like to re-do ours before we "set sail". The new tops really modernize the boat!

    1. Thank you! I couldn't believe the change I "felt" after they were done.