Monday, May 21, 2012

No Longer in the 1970's

From the first time we laid eyes on Jus'CrewZen the upholstery has driven me crazy.  It has vexed me, teased me, irritated me, and I'm fairly sure laughed at me behind my back.  Some people may enjoy their fabric in a lovely vintage blue and avocado green mix, not this princess.

Even the backsides of the backrests were pretty atrocious

I started working on the cushions over a week ago, and finished up with the backrests this weekend.  I have to admit that I cheated.  Yep, I'm a big fat cheater.  I took an old sectional from the house that I'm trying to sell and cut it up and used it for parts.  Well cushions and fabric.  The cushion part was pretty easy.  A little trimming of foam here, a couple of snaps added there and viola - new settee cushions.

But the backrests were a different story.  I had to rip off two layers of fabric, about 70 staples a piece and then pry off the very old and brittle fabric.  BUT it was worth it.  Even if they took about 2 hours each.

And here is the final product, throw pillows and all.


  1. Wow! I love the new look guys, though I always thought the stripes weren't that bad. At least it wasn't a floral motif.

  2. Looks good, and a fine job you did wench... LOL

  3. It's Princess!!! It wasn't so much the stripes as it was the decaying fabric. I'm pretty sure I got fabric splinters....which I didn't know was possible.